Completing a Challenge using a GPS Device

The easiest way to complete a Challenge using a GPS device is with Garmin Connect. 

In your profile, click on Garmin Connect to sync your account. 

Once you join a Challenge, blackriver will check all incoming rides from Garmin Connect to see if they match a Challenge route. If a route matches, you will get an email notification saying you have completed it. 

To participate with a Challenge using a non- Garmin GPS Device, follow these instructions: 

1. "Join" the Challenge on the web.

2. Export the GPX file by hovering over the map or finding the route in your Planned Rides. 

3. Import to your device.

4. Ride it!

5. Export the completed route file (GPX, TCX, or FIT) from your device to your computer. 

6. Go to "My Rides" in the profile drop down menu, select the Challenge route in your Planned Rides, and click on the gear icon to "Edit". 

7. Under the map section, on the right, you'll see a toggle that says "This is a completed route". When you toggle that, it will ask you to import your updated route file.

If you rode 90% or more, you'll get a notification and email that you've completed the Challenge. 

8. If you want to share your Ride Story in the Social Feed, add your text and images and select "Share this Ride".

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