What is blackriver for business?

We believe blackriver is an unrivaled tool to inform, inspire, and engage your cycling audience. 

blackriver for business is available to local retailers, national brands, advocacy organizations, coffee shops, or any other entity interested in engaging with cyclists and building community. 


Core Features of blackriver for business 

Profile Page

Your Business page is your “digital outpost” for customers looking to engage with your brand. Add a cover image, brand story, social media links, hours, and contact info. This is where all of your Classic Routes, Events, and Challenges will be accessible in one place. Show off your thriving local scene and invite riders to be part of your community.


Classic Routes

Classic Routes are trusted, proven routes created by blackriver business accounts. We promote these routes above the routes submitted by regular users because we believe local retailers are the best source for local riding knowledge. Classics are routes and experiences you want to associate with your brand and your riding community. 



blackriver saves time for you and your customers by putting all the info on one page. Use blackriver to host group rides, social rides, coffee rides, pub crawls, as well as larger events such as training or endurance events. Any event where you want to get people riding together is a good application for blackriver.

Not only do we make it easier to plan and host events, we also offer a unique and powerful insight into your customer base. 



Challenges are a proven method to drive engagement. blackriver is making it possible for local retailers and national brands to host localized, geo-specific Challenges.

Simply build or import a route, set a date range, attach an award, and post away. Every rider who completes a local Challenges receives a notification inviting them to engage with your brand for their award, either by visiting a physical location for pickup or by receiving an email to redeem their prize.

Use Challenges to get new riders on safe routes, inspire active riders to ride somewhere fresh, or dare experienced riders to push their limits. 


Check out our blackriver for business video on Vimeo.


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For more information, or to request our Best Pracitices Guide, contact tobie@blackriver.cc.



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