What is a Challenge?

blackriver is redefining the concept of a Challenge by making it a local experience. 

In blackriver, you can join and ride Challenge routes and get a reward for completion. The routes are hosted by local and national brands. 

You can find local Challenges under the Challenges tab on the Explore page. 


By clicking on the name of the Challenge, you can learn more about the route, see when you can ride it, and what the prize is for completing it. 

How do I join and complete Challenges? 

To participate in the Challenge, click on Join. This does two things:

1. It adds the route to your Planned Rides folder

2. Notifies the host that you are participating.


When you are ready to ride the Challenge route, go to Start a pre-planned ride on the Ride screen.




Select the Challenge from your pre-planned routes and confirm:

You can then navigate the course using your phone: 


You can ride to the start, but you need to pass the starting point and ending point of the Challenge route in order to complete it. 

Once you've complete the course, give your ride a name, designate a ride type and bike, and add your Ride Story. Once you hit "save", we compare your ride to the Challenge route, and if you've completed over 90% of the Challenge route, you will receive a notification of completion and you can claim your prize. 



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