Does blackriver work with my gps device?

It sure does.

blackriver makes it simple to export and import route files for us with other devices. 

Garmin Connect

You can easily sync rides captured with your Garmin devices using our Garmin Connect integration. 

In your profile, select "Garmin Connect" to log in and connect. Rides captured with your device will be automatically added as completed rides in your profile. You can log in to blackriver to edit the Ride Stories and/or mark them as private. 

Importing files 

You can easily import .fit, .gpx, and .tcx files to create Ride Stories. 



You can also export any route to a .gpx and drop it into your "New Files" folder before syncing with your device. 

We are working on integration with Garmin Connect as well, so we'll have that easy solution in place soon. 

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