How do I print RideCards/Cue Sheets?

RideCards can be generated for any route that has been drawn within blackriver. Routes that have been imported via .gpx will need to be redrawn in the route builder. 

To create a route, go to Create>Classic/Event/Challenge>Create Ride Map.

As you draw the route, you will see the Cue Sheet being generated on the right. You can collapse that tab by clicking on the two lines.

Once you're finished building the route, select Save Route and then you can add a title, description, and images. If it is an Event, be sure to add all the vital information before saving. If it's a Challenge, don't forget to add an award for completion.

To complete the route, hit the Save button at the bottom. Once everything is saved, you'll see a notification at the top that says Changes saved successfully. Click here to view. Click there. 

Hover over the map to see the Export button. 

Select Generate PDF RideCard from the pop-up. It will take a moment to generate before you can download it. 

Once you've downloaded the PDF, we recommend sending it to a local printer to have it printed on card stock. The QR code in the corner makes it easy for anyone with the app to scan and save the route immediately. 


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